Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gear Review: Granite Gear DryBlock Stuffsacks

For all of you who followed our trip via this blog will certainly have read that the Dutch weather was wet & windy. All of our gear worked very well, but one product in particular turned out to be worth its weight in gold: Granite Gear DryBlock rolldown stuffsacks! These are pictures of these awesome stuffsacks in action (it is the blue thing strapped to the top of my bike rack on a particularly harsh weather day). Diana and I both used these stuffsacks as external drybags and internal organizers; they performed beyond our expectations! We have a variety of sizes to choose from as well as an ultra-light version or a more rugged version (the ultralights are probably best-suited for use inside a pack, while the beefier version will work perfectly with your backpack both externally and internally). More reviews to come. . .

Three Cheers for a GREAT STAFF!

Diana and I cannot believe that we've been home for over a month. . .who would have thought going on vacation would have resulted in so much work upon our return! I guess that is the life of the small business owner. Actually our staff performed flawlessly while we were away and we sincerely thank them for all of their efforts; we quite literally could not have taken such a trip had they not been ready, willing, and able to step-up & manage things! It is wonderful to have such a talented and devoted staff. . .what can we say: WE LOVE YOU GUYS!