Monday, September 21, 2009

Staying busy. . .well, some of us are!

We apologize for not updating the blogger more often, but we've been really busy at Appalachian Outfitters for the past few months. Thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers AO finds its business sales UP for the past 3 months in a row! Diana and Jonathan have been working their fannies off, but the work is so rewarding and fulfilling that it hardly feels like work at all. Here's an update of what's new at the shops:

Appalachian Outfitters welcomes a new employee (and several that have returned and are eager to work):
-Greg Geyer hails from Tacoma, Washington where he managed a highly-technical outdoor store for 11 years. We are thankful to have him and thankful for his vast product knowledge, integrity, and dedication to meeting customers' needs.
-Nathan Boroughs returned from working on the Nantahala River this summer and is continuing his college studies this fall. Many of you may not recognize him because he has cut his hair. . .that's right, the dreadlocks are history!
-Pam Lasier returns to work after several months of assisting her brother who underwent serious cancer treatment in Chicago. Anyone who knows Pam can appreciate what a wonderful help she would be to anyone in need, and we are grateful to have her back.
-Ashley McGowin gave birth to her first child in July and loves working just a couple of days a week (sometimes she even brings little Samantha with her).

Stop by and say hello to these folks and check out what's new.

Russ in Europe
Whether you know him as Russ, "the guy with the knee brace," "the old guy that thru-hiked," or as "Hot-Dog," he is fortunate enough to be on a Rhine river cruise in Europe. Here are some pics that he sent:

Russ says: "Well, we are in Amsterdam, and in between the rain showers it is awesome... During the rain showers it's cold and windy (and still awesome, because I have my Marmot Precip jacket and Columbia travel shirt to keep me warm!). Shari and I walked at least 3-4 miles, and then relaxed at a cafe, rode on a couple Trams, shopped, and took a canal tour. Not a bad first day without sleep... Time to get caught up on sleep & take the town by storm tomorrow (we will be going to museums, markets, walk along more canals, and find some Dutch beer to taste!). The spot unit is showing part of where we went today, but in between all the buildings & sliding down in my pack, it missed a lot. Will try to do better tomorrow. Did I mention this place is awesome? More tomorrow!"

Well, it has been known to rain just a bit in the Netherlands!

Russ will keep us up-to-date with pics from his trip regularly.